GIANTS IN MOTION - the ice is melting
GIANTS IN MOTION is a 3 years on going project aiming to showcase the beauty of the Alpine Glaciers.

I love taking pictures of the giant glaciers we have in the Alps. I am fascinated by their immensity and also their vulnerability.
So big and yet so fragile, those giants are like the polar bears or the icebergs of the arctic, they tend to disappear, melting at a faster pace than ever.

Documenting the ice is a little bit like if I was going to slow down time, taking pictures of them is both my way to show their beauty and also a way to record the actual state of the ice before they fade away.

I like to shoot photographs from the air, showing the size of the glacier, and then go down very close and focusing on the infinite beauty of the ice's shapes.

This photographic essay is my contribution to what is going on right now in the Alps...

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